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It all started in 2021, when our founder and CEO Miko Brunet, qualified to become an insurance broker. The first few policies she attained gave her a new sense of purpose in life: to provide every family with the financial security they need. The satisfaction she had when she was able to help these families who were either looking for coverage or wanted to replace their unreasonably high rates with better ones inspired her to start MAB Insurance Agency.

Our culture and ethos

We make it easy for you to get the right coverage at an affordable price without the overwhelming sales tactics. We understand the frustration of trying to figure out what the best policy is without being pressured by salespeople who want to lock you in. We take a personal and professional approach to ensuring that families receive the best possible policy while remaining confident in the knowledge that we will take care of everything. We ask simple questions to help us understand your objectives so that we can select the right company that will get you the policy you need. 

The Difference

  • Unlike third-party and individual companies that generate artificially reduced rates that appear appealing, We employ a personalized approach. We treat all our clients like family so that we can understand their needs and get them the best policy for their goals.

  • After evaluating all available quotes from my carefully selected A-rated list of insurance companies, you can receive the ideal coverage in one place.

  • You won't be bombarded with spammy emails or phone calls after providing your contact information.

Meet the team

Miko Brunet


Sr. Insurance and Income Protection Specialist

Zaid Bhojani

Chief Operating Officer


Sarahlee Dias

Sr. Insurance and Income Protection Specialist


Victor Garcia

Insurance and Income Protection Specialist

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